Twinners deluxe edition 
signed hard bound copy with 7" vinyl
Twinners deluxe edition
signed hard bound copy with 7" vinyl

Almost 20 years ago I wrote Twinners. Still after all of these years I still think it is one of best pieces I have written. When I first made this piece as a vibrating book sculpture with sound piece —it ( intentionally ) made the reader uncomfortable standing there with a vibrating book. It was quickly snatched up by The Joan Flasch Artist Book Collection by the incomparable Doro Bohme. You can still make an appointment and and vibrate with the book.

I was never satisfied with the sound element so 19 years go by and Teeth Agency is formed. I team up with Jesse Hackett and Lord Tusk and this is just what I was looking for !

Now available— is the deluxe hard cover version of Twinners with a 7” (33 rpm) —narrated by Jesse Hackett and music by Jesse and Lord Tusk.

This is limited to 50 hard bound copies. Each record is lathed by producer and Mix Engineer Chris Bell.

Each record is hand etched signed and numbered 1-50. Books are signed and numbered as well.

Side A is the read along and side B is an instrumental

This deluxe version is the only version I intend to release as a physical copy.

We will attach a link to the full story on YouTube to get you acquainted .

It has been a labor of love.

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