• We ship internationally via USA & UK

    We ship internationally via USA & UK
  • Teeth Agency is releasing a limited edition of 20 ‘Sea Shanty’ hand numbered 7” vinyl. This haunting collection of songs is described as underwater sea organ music. Moods of a final decent into murky ocean waters as a final goodbye poem. Similar in sentiment is side B with the lo-fi Casio prayer ‘Take me Down’. The pairing is enveloped in a sleeve of deep sea photographs taken by photographer Nathan Foster. His discovery of a sunken ship lead him to the ships infirmary with a stark pile of human bones and the back image a striking ships dead eye looking like deaths head above the choppy waters. Personal, haunting and melancholic —this body of work is a single pressing presentation that is soon to sell out.

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  • Teeth Agency Long Sleeve 'Pain Free' Shirt

    Teeth Agency Long Sleeve 'Pain Free' Shirt

    Teeth Agency has made a limited edition (30) thick cotton Gildan long sleeve shirts. They bear the slogan 'You don't have to live in pain' underneath our spider boy. Please specify S, M, or L when ordering.

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  • Limited Edition 7" with Signed Skull Cyanotype

    Teeth Agency has released two tracks (Death Whistle and Fly Porridge) from its forthcoming album ‘Chucky’s Terror vision. To celebrate this release we have made a very limited edition of 10 7” vinyl . The 10 copies are split to 5 U.S and 5 UK only! Each record is hand numbered 1-10 and comes with a special skull cyanotype print on heavy watercolor paper signed inside.




    Music-Book-Art-Object TA002
    Dimensions 21.6cm x 27.9cm (8.5"x11")

    44-page premium magazine with music USB. Comes with additional unique ephemera. Limited Edition of 50.

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    The Lizards Garden is Teeth Agency’s second release. The work is minimal and hard. Imagine waking up in a country after being kidnapped. You finally make your escape and get in a car. You are driving and it is getting dark. All you can see is the road and you turn on the radio. The music seems familiar but you can’t quite place it—it gives no clue of where you are. You look in the mirror only to find that you have had surgery and your face isn’t what you remember. This is what The Lizard Garden sounds like.



    Music-Book-Art-Object TA001
    Dimensions 21.6cm x 27.9cm (8.5"x11")

    36-page premium magazine with music USB. Comes with additional unique ephemera. Limited Edition of 50.

    Out House USA 'OUT OF STOCK'

    Out House UK 'OUT OF STOCK'

    Out House is the first installment by Teeth Agency. The book is a catalogue that visually translates the music via personal notes, drawings, computer renderings and a back and forth exchange between Hackett and Chavez. Some photos and sculptures are from the childhood home where Hackett grew up and served as a sketch for the songs and environment where the music was created. Chavez then filters the sound and image and visualizes the piece and a narrative that is described through these images. Together Hackett and Chavez work with the sound and image to create a unique poem that works together or as two separate parts. Jesse describes Out House as crypt rock / swamp sounds / underwater organ / family jams.