Teeth Agency have shared a new single ‘Anon’ on Stones Throw, written in collaboration with UK-based producer and songwriter Nathan Jenkins aka Bullion and Eska. The song was inspired by “listening to devotional records and after a conversation with a friend about how many spiritual church hymnals were composed anonymously,” says Jesse Hackett of Teeth Agency. “In the modern age of self, the notion of creating selfless unnamed art and music intrigued me and inspired the lyrics and mood of the piece. I’m not religious but this composition is my take on modern, uplifting and devotional meditation in these times of great uncertainty.”

The track is released alongside an animated visualizer based on the single’s artwork, which was created by Teeth Agency's Mariano Chavez and animator Diamond McNabb. Based on a drawing of a cloud descending a hill, the idea was to show a constant landscape as things dissolve and evolve over time. “We wanted to portray a sense of time by capturing millions of years over three minutes,” says Mariano of Teeth Agency. “There is something about rebirth and hope in the song, that we felt matched the sentiment of hope humans have held over time.”