Teeth Agency (my other venture) produces music, art, books, videos and clothing. Most everything we produce is experimental and low run artworks. This particular image was made to evoke those massive movie poster advertisements and it is quite a huge piece of artwork measuring 46” x 54” printed on Somerset paper with deckled edges. Only three unique versions of this were made. Jesse Hackett has one, I have one, and this one is available. Each one has a unique hand washed color and this version is different from the other two. Comes with an embossed Teeth Agency logo on the bottom center margin and is signed in pencil on the right. The eyes are large two color vinyl cut stickers advertising the beginning of our collaboration featuring our mascot ‘Mr. Glue Head’ based on a photo shot by Hackett’s grandfather. Last photo shows 6’ 4” space manikin for scale.

additional photos and purchase option here via Agent Gallery Glue Head Poster